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- Model 09008961 - 100 Lb., Capacity Talc Applicator



Extra large 2.3 cu. ft. capacity hopper with an adjustable slotted bottom provides uniform application across the hopper's width - making it ideal for use with powdery materials or products that require extra agitation to flow readily such as talc. The metering system features a central fluted rotor with two additional agitators placed above it. At the bottom, the slots with their angled overlapping design provide even dispersion across the hopper approximate 12' width. Opening size of slots are adjusted with a cam gauge. For surface mounting a U-frame bracket with pre-drilled 1/2' holes and slots is included. Power source is a rugged 12-volt, 4 amp, 1/64 hp motor. The poly hopper is translucent allowing the operator to monitor the content level. Material flow stops when motor is switched off. The slotted bottom also can be closed manually stopping flow. Strap latches keep the lid secure under field conditions.

100-lb. Capacity Adjustable Slotted Bottom Applicator with 12V Motor


  • 100 lb., capacity translucent poly hopper
  • Applies talc and similar powdery material
  • Large-fluted central rotor
  • Two stainless steel Internal agitators
  • Cam-type precision rate gauge sets rate
  • Half-inch wide slots on bottom are angled with overlapping design
  • 12-inch application width
  • 12-volt electric motor assembled in place
  • U-frame mounting bracket with pre-drilled 1/2' holes and slots for surface mounting
  • Translucent lid with strap latches

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