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- Model 09PC04WP12 - 100 Lb. Feed/Forage Additive Applicator



100 lb. capacity applicator precisely delivers ingredients to preserve or fortify feedstuffs. Hopper is translucent allowing the operator to easily check on the remaining volume and the cover is a reflective silver lid with latch straps. Includes a four-outlet bolt on stainless steel bottom and slide with straight spouts and a precision cam gauge to regulate the openings in the bottom to apply the recommended rate for your individual operation. For internal agitation an 8' resilient rubber rotor bar comes standard driven by a 12-volt, 1/64 hp, 4 amp electric motor is included. A 25-ft. cord with an in-cab control switch. A U-frame bracket with 1/2' pre-drilled holes and slots is included allowing it to be surface mounted. For use with feeding systems, silage blowers, choppers, balers or similar systems. 

100-lb. Capacity Poly Feed/Forage Additive Applicator



  • 2.3 cu. ft. translucent hopper allows operator to gauge volume in the hopper at a glance
  • Hopper made with UV protection and anti-static properties
  • Reflective silver lid with latch straps
  • Bolt-on stainless steel precision mated bottom and slide - removes for cleaning
  • Precision cam-type gauge sets rates by using the stop as the gauge point and adjusts the openings in the applicator's bottom. When tightened, the cam gauge maintains postion whether slide is open or shut
  • Porous, oil-impregnated bearings with weather-guard seals and bearing retainers
  • 8-inch rubber rotor bar (5-bladed) supplies material to the hopper openings and restricts material flown when rotor stops
  • U-frame bracket allows for surface mounting
  • 12-volt, 4 amp electric (1/64 hp) motor drive assembled in place
  • Hole closure caps and spring clips included to close-off unused outlet(s)


110-volt converter allows operator to plug unit into any 110-volt power source

Note: The Anertec & Gandy Company does not supply rate charts for additive or preservative products. Operator must consult the manufacturer of the product and complete a field calibration check prior to use

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