Model 1,40m – 1,60m – 1,80m – 2,00m – 2,30m - Tractor Rotary Cultivator


The primary intended purpose of the tractor rotary cultivator is preparation of soil prior to sowing. The shape of the blades is such that they offer minimal soil resistance during operation, resulting in relatively easy operation of the rotary cultivator in the hardest of soils.

  • The blades extensively break the lumps, but do not create water impermeable layers of soil.
  • The rotary cultivator has the lateral displacement option.
  • Drive chain immersed in oil.
  • Adjustable depth skis.
  • The blades are placed in a spiral pattern to minimize the necessary tractor power.
  • The rotary cultivator is massive in construction in order to allow for deeper penetration of blades into the soil.
  • 4 blades per flange, possibility of custom made flange with 6 blades.
  • Number of shaft rotations is 240 r/min, while the number of rotations of the connection shaft is 540 r/min.
  • The maximum depth is 18 cm.
  • The connection frame is intended for categories I and II.

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