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Model 10 1/2 - Quality Weed Wiper Carts


Quality Metal Works Quality Weed Wiper Carts are one of the favored mechanisms for carrying a Speidel Applicator brand weed wiper, and can be pulled by an ATV, lawn or conventional farm tractor, or similar vehicles.

The heavy-duty wheels are adjustable to fit any row width, and the height on all weed wiper carts can be adjusted by raising or lowering either the wheels on the frame or the wick holder bar, or both!  Hoses allow you to adjust herbicide flow from the hitch.

Quality Weed Wiper Carts are currently available in sizes from 10 1/2' to 45 1/2'.  Click on the links above for detailed information about each size.

10 1/2' Weed Wiper Cart

  • Transport width of 10'11'
  • 4-ply tires and puncture resistant tubes
  • Two methods of height adjustment, for a total range of ground to 44'
  • Wheels are adjustable for any row width
  • Can be pushed or pulled by hand
  • Ideal for strawberries, truck crops and smaller fields

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