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10 Holes Strawberry Tray



The patented 10-hole Strawberry Tray has several unique characteristics. The horseshoe-shape of the cup makes it easy to recognise the direction in which the plants should be placed. This ensures the growth of the strawberries on the outside of the substrate trough. Mistakes or diseases caused by wrongly placed plants are prevented, while planting speed is increased considerably. Every cup has a tailed form which ensures a routing plant depth. This also increases planting speed. Due to the preformed collar the root ball remains one centimetre higher than the substrate so it remains dryer thus diminishing the chance of diseases. The number of cups per tray is 10 instead of 9, which increases the number of plants per m2 with 11 % (41.5 pieces). The improved shape of the legs prevents accumulation of sand and dirt. The Strawberry Tray is stackable, nestable and supports a maximum weight of 15 kilos

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