- Model 1006NT - End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill



From food plots to food production, the Great Plains 10' End Wheel No-Till Drill (1006NT) is the ideal combination between the productivity of a large drill and the versatility of a compact one. This machine is perfect for seeding into pasture renovations and foot plots, and has long been used by conservation groups like Pheasants Forever chapters, NRCS offices, and roadside construction outfits that need machines to rent out that are simple to operate, yet durable enough to be returned, ready to rent out again.

The 1006NT Drill features large end wheels designed for unmatched ground gauging in rugged terrain. In addition, the inline end wheels minimize sideloading on contours and side-hills, dramatically extending the life of the no-till openers. Other features include 4-speed gearboxes, automatic clutch that disengages when the drill is lifted, and rain-tight lids for maximum seed and fertilizer protection. With multiple box options, its versatility is unmatched as well.


Exclusive Great Plains fluted feed cup delivers outstanding accuracy. Whether the seed you are drilling is small, large, or fragile, our time-proven metering system will deliver the rate you choose, evenly and gently.


Add standard tractor weights to the weight brackets for even better penetration in tough no-till conditions.


Disengages all drive components, reducing wear and tear during transport.


Folds the tongue in half to use less storage space.

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