Model 100 - Truck Mounted Tree Transplanters



The biggest and best production tree transplanter available anywhere at any price. Move larger trees; move throughout the “off season”. Whatever your needs, the Model 100 can do the job. Contact us for how YOU can own one.

Truck Requirements

  • 400 hp Minimum
  • 200” Maximum CT (186” Optimum)
  • 20,000 lb. Front Axle GVW Rating
  • 46,000 lb. Rear Axle GVW Rating
  • 12,000 lb. Pusher Axle (recommended)
  • Transport Height of 13’ 6” (412cm)

It is important to note that the Model 100 picks up a root ball that weighs approximately 45% more than the Model 90. It is possible to be over weight on occasion depending on soil types and digging conditions. It is the customers’ responsibility to be aware of the weight restrictions and limits in the area where you are digging and to adjust the size of the root ball accordingly.

BIG JOHN requires that all trucks for the Model 100 be double framed.

Recommended Suspension Systems: Hendrickson “Walking Beam”, Mack Camel Back and Volvo T- Ride are all good choices. The Chalmers and “Tuff Track” are also proving to be good choices. What you want is good up and down travel for better off road traction. Check with your truck vendor for options.

Transmissions with good low gear reduction are recommended. If opting for an automatic we recommend the “World” series from Allison.

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