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Model 10 - Pull Behind Swath Roller



Koenders patented grooved Swath Roller drum was developed to keep your swath together and make it less susceptible to wind damage. The tapered drum on the swath rollers spans the width of the swath pressing it firmly into the stubble. This creates a convex swath profile, with the plant branches shaped to a more uniform height. It leaves fewer wild branches sticking out for the wind to overturn the canola swath in the field. Second, the grooved swath roller will flatten and tuck the edges of the canola swath into the stubble better than conventional smooth swath rollers. The slightly aerodynamic profile is your canola swath's best protection from wind damage. The hitch is a 1 7/8' ball coupler with adjustable settings. Available in grey only.

  • Quick and easy height adjustment - no tools needed to adjust the height of swath roller
  • Heavy duty polyethylene will not rust
  • Ribbed drum design on our swath rollers packs and tucks swath preventing bunching
  • Rolling your canola will save you money by minimizing wind damage
  • 10’ swath roller drum weight 220 lbs
  • Drum Length: Maximum Diameter 40', Minimum Diameter 25'
  • Bearing type: 1' pillow block
  • 15' Tires
  • *Powder Coated Frames*

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