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Model 1150 - Commercial Tub Grinders


The enclosed engine compartment and Rotary Self-Cleaning Screen protects the engine from dirt and debris buildup. An enclosed engine compartment also reduces the noise level The 1150 also gives you easy access to the engine with a 3-door entry on either side, plus a front door to the radiator.

C15 CATERPILLAR ELECTRONIC DIESEL ENGINE Powered by either a 475 HP (354 kw) or a 540 HP (403 kw) C15 Caterpillar Electronic diesel engine whose state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system decreases fuel consumption and allows it produce ground hay at a rate that will make you money on every job. It's strong enough to chew through those tough, wet, bales, and has all the features you've come to expect from Caterpillar; like reliability, cold weather starting, unsurpassed product support, and proven resale value.


The KPTO Fluid coupler transmits power with up to 98% efficiency and eliminates the mechanical clutch. It's goof proof, and acting as a torque limiter it can engage or disengage at full engine rpm without damage - reducing the chance of problems in the drive train. Additionally the KPTO Fluid coupler requires minimal maintenance.

50° OSCILLATING STACKING CONVEYOR The 30 in. Wide x 26 ft. Long stacking conveyor piles hay to over 18 feet in height. The conveyor can oscillate left to right up to 50 degrees, which means you can not only make the pile tall, you can make it wide also.

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