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12` Classic Flip-Up Large Acorn Picker



A favorite for many years, we just could not phase out this handy Bag-A-Nut Acorn Harvester. The 12' Classic is ideal for anyone who has trouble lifting a full basket of acorns*.  This Flip-Up Bag-A-Nut is easily emptied by pulling a cord to dump the basket of Acorns onto the ground or into whatever you place beneath it: tarp, garbage bag, or a short container.  No lifting, just a quick pull to empty and go.

Acorns are hard to see and hard to get rid of. The classic 12' Flip-Up will save you time and energy getting those annoying acorns off your lawn. The Bag A Nut Harvester works better than any acorn rake or acorn gatherer.

Our large acorn model is generally for 1' or larger in diameter acorn.

Watch the Large Acorn pick-up!

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