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- Model 120 Series - Hydraulic Auto Reset Ploughs



Ovlac ploughs with hydraulic Auto Reset protection are designed to work in any kind of soil. On light soils, it is possible to reduce the break away pressure in order to avoid pulling stones out to the surface. In heavy soils the pressure can be increased to gain penetration capacity and keep the bodies in an optimum working position. The hydraulic protection system from Ovlac has been designed reducing the total number of moving parts. This way, we can improve the product’s reliability and get rid of the need for any maintenance.

There are two models available depending on the working width adjustment. The SH model features hydraulic width adjustment between 30 and 50cm per body approximately (depending on different body spacings), whereas in the LH model, the working width can be set manually at four different steps.

There are as well, four Series or structural frames, depending on the available power. Thus the frame, headstock, and other essential parts are sized according to the work which they will be demanded.

  • Adjustable break away force depending on soil conditions.
  • Infinitely variable working width ( SB )  or manually adjustable in 4 steps (LB).
  • 4 Series depending on the available power.

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