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Model 383 - Hydraulic Movement Motor Side Delivery Rake



This motor rake has been projected for using the rear axle of BCS motor mower with a side delivery rake device and it is an indispensable machine for every farm. This machine helps to increase proouction just because is quicker, faster and lighter than a tractor plus a pulled device. This machine is ideal for harvesting grass and delicate forages. The hydraulic system ensures high manageability and ease of use and rapidity, particularly useful during lifting and regulation of the reels during the job, facilitating work of the driver. The quality and the correct sizing of the hydraulic components allow a regular operation during operation time. Safety valves safeguard the mechanical components from accidental blocks of the lifting to of the reels

To replace the filter after the first 50 hours of job, following every change of oil, each 2.000 hours around.

Maximum width mt. 2,45 
Maximum height mt. 1,40
Working width mt. 2,20
Distance between axles mt. 2,15
Total weight Kg. 440/580

Cartridge filter 40 Micron, 40 L/1' (L=liter) 
Reservoir 15 litri 
Hydraulic oil 150 HV 46 
Stings to fat 150 XM 3

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