Model 1305 BR - Power Broom


The Turf Teq Power Broom has an 18' diameter x 46' wide brush and is ideal for many tasks throughout all seasons of the year. Its two-speed drive is suited for both debris and snow removal. Brush pressure, brush speed and left/right pivot angle can all be adjusted easily from the operator position. Our broom is also ideal for use in dethatching lawns. The Power Broom features an on-the-go differential lock for exceptional traction and productivity and the hydrostatic wheel drive allows you to adjust ground speed to meet heavy or light sweeping needs. The Power Broom also makes changing directions quick and easy, improving productivity while reducing operator fatigue.

The Power Broom performs the following functions:

  • Sweeping Hardscape
  • Removing Snow
  • Sweeping Debris from Turf
  • Dethatching Lawns
  • Sweeping Sand in Pavers
  • Blossoming Artificial Turf
  • Installing and Leveling Filler in Artificial Turf
  • Cleaning Sports Fields

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