Model 130XL2 - Ejector Scraper



More capacity, wider cut, ease of loading and fast cycling all add up to big time savings. Ashland built reliability means maximum uptime and worry-free use. The 130XL2 is ready to take whatever you put in front of it and always ask for more.


Ashland hitches are made by inserting a steel trust block into the neck of a steel, “C” shaped plate. Then the yoke system and trust collar are placed in their correct positions to be welded 360 degrees around. This design gives you a full range of motion from the hitch and maximum potential pull-through to the back side of the pole or the spindle base plate for bigger more efficient loads.

The scraper’s front section is completed with a 4.5” ball set. With a 22” pull point, less weight transfer will occur from the back tires, which allows the scraper to pull across surfaces more smoothly.

Front Section:

With a long paneled gooseneck design, the 130XL2 has a greater range of motion for the scraper’s dolly wheels to articulate and adapt to harsh site conditions. The longer front section positions the dolly wheels farther away from the “fall zone” (77” away), so the wheels don’t interfere with the machine’s ejection process.


The apron uses a 4” x 13” cylinder and opens to 56”. This wide apron opening creates a very large fall zone for material, which equates to fast and easy ejection for faster cycles times.

Tight tolerance between the apron and side walls prevents material from wedging in gaps and eventually bending the apron and sidewalls.


The 130 XL2 has a 13.3 cu. yd. heaped capacity and a 10.2 cu. yd. struck capacity dual plated floor system. It uses three blades – The middle blade (the frost bit) is the biggest at 1” x 13” x 54” and the side blades are both 8” long and “L” shaped and are set back 2”. Behind the blades is a 3/4” steel plate (the frog) with punched holes.

The 130 uses a 4.5” x 54” cylinder with a 2.5” rod to extend the large push off assembly. The scraper’s rear framework and the push off are a welded system that wraps around the bowl and ties to the front section’s trailing arms for unmatched rigidity and strength.

The push off cylinder is tied to the rest of the hydraulics through a hydraulics manifold system. This system consists of a hydraulic block that has a sequence and counterbalance valve that simplifies operation, allowing you to concentrate on the job ahead.

Wheel System:

A super capacity, 10-bolt hub system is integrated into the 110XL2 for easy tire service and maintenance. The rear tires on this scrapers are 18.4 x 26, 12-ply with an upgrade option of 20.5 x 25, 12-ply. The front dolly wheel tires are 21.5 x 16.1, 10-ply IMP RIB.

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