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Model 14 Tonne - Trailer


Main Chassis section is two channels welded together to form a box section size is 220 x 160m .  Top chassis is 150 x 75 channel with additional chassis frame in centre of trailer top chassis to which the cylinders are fitted.

Spring Drawbar

  • 18 Tonne type with 32 mm dia “U” bolts
  • Drawbar pivits on 50 mm dia pin
  • Drawbar eye is 90 x 40 section


  • 16 Tonne unit heavy duty, main spring eye pins are 32 mm dia  running through a brass bush.


  • 90 mm section, standard track is 1800 mm, other track available to order.   9000 kg cap per axle
  • Brakes are 355 x 80mm


  • Hydraulic Operation of Cam brakes with one cylinder per wheel complete with adjustor screw.


  • 8 stud rims on remould tyres with speed rating of 60kph    Wheel nuts are wide flange type to give rims more support.
  • Options of 10 stud rims, floatation tyres etc.


  • § Floor 4 mm plate with 60 x 40 box  section floor runners
  • § Sides are 3 mm plate with 80 x 80 x 3 box section top rail, vertical ribs fully  welded
  • § Rear door has box section frame ladder fitted to front panel
  • § Size 21 ft x 4 ft 3” high x 7 ft 4” wide inside,  mud guard standard

Lift Cylinders

  • Twin 3 stage 12 Tonne cylinders mounted low in the chassis to give max lift and reduce stress on trailer chassis.
  • Pin holes are 32 mm dia    Hydraulic Hoses to cylinders are ½ bore twin wire braided.Lights
  • Marker Lights/rear lamps wired to socket on the front of trailer.   A separate lead is used from this socket to the tractor.

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