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Model 150g - Farmer's Choice Colostrum Calf - 1 Feed

According to DEFRA, calf losses cost farmers a staggering £60 million every year! Farmer's Choice Calf Colostrum is specially formulated to provide instant energy in the form of carbohydrates, which, unlike most fats, are easily converted into glucose and energy. In addition, it supports the calf's active immunity, helping to fight off disease. Farmer's Choice Calf Colostrum contains natural nucleotides, which offer additional support to the immune system and gut function. Its easy to mix and feed, making a farmer's life easier. Simply add warm water then shake to mix before feeding, using a calf teat that can be added to the bottle cap, a calf bottle or stomach tube as soon as possible after birth. Farmer's Choice Calf Colostrum can be kept mixed and warm in a vacuum flask for up to 24 hours.

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