Model 150 - Pipe Rail Spray Trolley



The pipe rail trolley 150cm is a standard in the 'cultivation under glass' industry. From the introduction of the pipe rail system in greenhouses, one is hard put to imagine a greenhouse without a pipe rail trolley. It has now become a standard system in today’s modern horticultural industry.

Standard pipe rail trolley 150cm
The pipe rail system stands as one of the horticulture industry’s great inventions of the last quarter of the century. By employing such a system, in conjunction with the trolleys that glide over the pipes, workload has decreased considerably and rendered a more pleasurable experience. All current models of today’s pipe rail trolley comprise this basic concept.

In the last two decades, the standard pipe rail trolley has more than proved its worth with a number of 20-year-old trolleys still in operation! Ostensibly over this time the trolley has witnessed numerous mechanical and electrical improvements. Two key models currently on the market are: the standard pipe rail trolley BR08 and the pipe rail spray trolley combined with surface mounted reel.

Standard BR08
The BR08 distinguishes itself by its control cabinet and the electronics of the motor actuator. This particular trolley is instantly recognisable by its control cabinet equipped with stainless control buttons and a large red emergency button.
All function keys are located on the display, including the switch from gas to break pedal. The display will produce a sound and signal serving as a warning to recharge batteries, consequently considerably extending battery lifespan. The electronic motor control regulates a linear speed, ensuring sufficient power in low speed operations therefore driving, effortlessly over pipe rail surfaces.

Spray trolley
Externally, this trolley is identical to previously mentioned model. The spray trolley, however, comes equipped with a fortified motor, namely 0.37 kW. The Berg Hortimotive trolleys are supplied with interchangeable electronics, preventing potential time loss during spraying activities.

Various options are available for all pipe rail trolleys to increase operation level e.g. single manual scissors to a height of 160cm or even a double scissors to a 230 cm height. The hydraulic scissors platforms reach to a 195 cm height of 195cm. If insufficient, we can mount various fixed steps increasing the height to an approximate maximum of 50 cm.

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