Model 1540 - Electrostatic Orchard Sprayer



Dimensions: 70' Wide x 60' High x 15' Long. Tank: 400 Gallon Stainless Steel. PTO Shaft: 540 rmp / Constant Velocity. Pump: High Volume Centrifugal. Agitation: Multiport Jet. Filter: Large Mesh - Easy to Clean. Fan: Centrifugal. Air Outlets: Electrostatic Patented. Nozzles: Low Pressure, Wear Resistant, Air Shear. Controls: Electric Standard, Hyd. & Manual Available. Air Speed: 200 mph +. HP Requirement: 65 PTO.

  • Reduce material usage, waste and drift in your young orchards.
  • Save time and money with drastically reduced fill-ups.
  • Simple system to set up and operate with NO expensive components.
  • LectroSense can operate during the day or night.
  • Reduce tractor usage, service and fuel due to higher field efficiency.
  • Air wash keeps lenses clean.

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