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Model 16 inch - Disc Hillers



Use the 16 in. disc hiller with a 16 inch shank to create raised garden beds or cover your crops. The Blanton style hub has 4 bolts and contains bearings to resist on wear and tear. Attached to your tool bar or to a Keulavator, ASC # 51946, use two of these disc bedders to move your soil efficiently in one pass.

The 16 inch disc hiller can be used in a series of two attached to a tool bar to create raised garden beds or cover a crop such as potatoes. Adjust the width of the hilling discs for your specific requirements. The 16 inch steel disc is attached with a Blanton style hub that has a four bolt mounting pattern with 5 in. on center spacing. Each Blanton hub is assembled with two bearings to help resist wear and tear while building your garden beds.

  • 16 In. Disc Hiller, 6 in. Shank
  • Hub style: Blanton with 4 holes
  • Shank diameter: 1-3/16 in.
  • For a replacement bolt hub, use ASC # 11679
  • For replacement bearings, see ASC # 17849
  • For additional snap rings, see ASC # 27936

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