Model 1600 Series - Overhead Conveyor



The 1600 Series Overhead conveyor by Quality Plus is a unique system in that it’s mounted above the seed bins to allow the user to fill from one end. This is useful in applications where access to set up to each bin individually is not possible. Product is conveyed up to a fill hopper on one end of the conveyor and funneled down to the conveyor belt where it is carried away to its destination. At each seed bin, there’s a manual or automated gate. That gate needs to be opened if that’s the destination for the product. With the belt running it will move the seed on the bottom side and empty into the opening.

The overhead conveyor can be designed for any number of bins. Below are examples of three and six bin systems.

The gates can be ordered for use in three different options:

  • Hand Wheel: A hand wheel is mounted to the side of the gate and the wheel operates on a rack and pinion system to pull the gate open and closed.
  • Air: The gate is able to open and close from the ease of a control from the ground
  • Electric: The gate is able to open and close from the ease of a control from the ground

The conveyor is mounted on a support frame over the opening on the top of the bin.

The overhead conveyor pictured above is not completely installed. The weighted canvas downspout, shown to the left, is attached to the conveyor to guide seed into each bin. This arrangement allows for the use of factory seed bin lids and covers. There’s no permanent connection from conveyor to seed bin that may allow moisture to enter the seed bin and damage expensive seed.

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