Model 1600TE Series - Underbin Conveyors



Quality Plus Mfg. offers a full line of conveyor equipment for handling true bulk seed that maintains excellent seed quality with minimal maintenance. The 1600TE Conveyor is a horizontal trough conveyor that’s designed for bulk seed transfer from bulk bin to incline conveyor systems.  It can easily be used in conjunction with the Incline series conveyors for direct loading into customer wagons or seed tenders.

Custom designed systems are always available. Contact us with your custom equipment needs and we can assist in the design of your bulk seed handling system.

The 1600TE Conveyor uses solid steel cross members to form the trough conveyor belt shape. By placing cross members as shown below, the belt is well supported with minimal contact area. This becomes important for systems that sit idle for long periods of time. Conveyor designs using steel support pans tend to have corrosion develop over time. This corrosion can lead to bonding of the conveyor belt to the support pan. Start up can require large amounts of time and effort to release the belt once this happens. The 1600TE Conveyor with its low contact area prevents this aggravating problem.  The picture on the right shows the conveyor belt before it is connected together to form a continuous belt.

The 1600TE Conveyor can be ordered with transition hoppers designed to fit Friesen Seed Max Bin slide gates. Once we have your measurements from bin center to bin center, the conveyor will come ready to install. Transitions can be adjusted to limit grain flow from 1000 to 2400 50# seed units per hour.  There is no hassle trying to match horizontal conveyor flow rates to incline conveyor systems. Metering grain flow allows users to predict loading times. Accurate loading time increases order accuracy.  Custom transitions are available.

Pictured below on the left is the air gate transition connecting the underbin conveyor with the bin above.  The picture on the right is an unattached scale air gate transition.

Equipment Options:

We offer several options to customize our 1600TE Conveyor including a Bulk Bag Inlet Funnel (left side picture) and an Intake Cover (right side photo). A reversing kit is also available to facilitate year-end clean out of the underbin conveyor.

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