Model 160C² - Caterpillar Machine


The new carerpillar tracks forest machine 160C² is the product of 15 years of UNAC experience in forest grinding and ground clearing. Its caterpillar tracks, entirely redesigned, allow it to work on the most difficult environments, while keeping a strong stability and comfort in cabin. Its size reduced permits to weave in and out branches.

  • The machine is equipped with the UNAC HYD-rev technology which increase the shredder's efficiency, avoid mechanical breakdown and allow to have a lower fuel consumption.
  • The cab is ROPS approved and fits with national and european safety standards.
  • Compact size machine which allow an high mobility trought hard access path and thick vegetation.
  • 360° visibility with a panoramic view for safe manoever.
  • A/C, heating and adjustable air seat for a maximum comfort in work.
  • Independant caterpillar track which efficiently distribute the weight and grip to have the minimum impact on the ground.
  • Can be optionnaly delivered with wider and/or low profile caterpillar track for a lower pressure on the ground.
  • Powerfull working lights for night works.
  • Hydraulic valve limiter allowing to use until 80% of the power for the tool. 
  • Well distributed weight and low center of gravity, allow to go trought 45° slops. 
  • Tought machine, forest equipped with shield under the frame and protection around pipes and organs, allowing more than 8000hours of hard works. 
  • More than 100 machines are now in use in France, mostly in the mediterranean area which is known to be an hard place for forest works.


  • CATERPILLAR turbocharged aspirated diesel engine
  • Power: 160 hp / 133 kW Maximum RPM 2,400 rpm


  • 2-speed hydraulic:

- Low speed (couple more than 40 kN. m) from 0 to 3.2 km/h
- High speed (couple more than 20 kN. m) from 0 to 6.2 km/h


  • Carrier structure with box-section side rails
  • Mechanically welded unit


  • 4 hydraulic pumps, including 3 with variable flow rate
  • 2 x 200 L tanks 500 L circuit

Caterpillar tracks

  • Welded structure with side rails 11mm thick
  • Rollers, idler and sprocket wheel of the CATERPILLAR type
  • Chain tension by hydraulic oil cylinder
  • Sprocket wheel drive with 2 cylinder O&K epicycloids gear motor

Type of track pads:

  • Plain stainless steel track pads with an aggressive or flat profile
  • Width: 400mm. Optionally up to 650mm wide


  • Braked gear motors with low pressure cut-off valve system


  • Cab adapted for 360° vision, placed above the tool
  • Low, profiled cab equipped with a support arch and protection grills
  • Sound-proofed, air-conditioned, heated
  • Adjustable suspension seat
  • Arm rests and head rest
  • Controls adapted for forestry application: simple, reliable and efficient

Fuel tank capacity

  • Diesel fuel tank 180 litres
  • Autonomy 14 hours


  • Length: 3.20m Height: 2.40m
  • Wheel base : 1.70m Width: 1.80m
  • Ground clearance: 0.35m


  • 5,500 kg without tool
  • Overall weight = 8,000 kg

Tool drive

  • Fully hydraulic
  • Driven by a variable flow rate pump
  • Crusher driven by hydraulic motors
  • Standard max. flow rate for the tool: 180 L/min
  • Max. pressure 350 bars Circuit filtered and protected by valves

Tool attachment

  • Rigid unit of the 3-point type, reinforced by standard spacing
  • Max. tool mass recommended: 2,000 kg


  • Forest shield plating
  • Total lower removable shield plating assembled as standard
  • Safety support arch and side grills as standard


  • Radio-controlled driving
  • Hydraulic command blade at the front or the back
  • Hydraulic winch

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