Model 1610EZ - Economical Firewood Processor



This economical firewood processor is the perfect machine for getting your firewood business off the ground.  The one operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 18” in diameter and 10’ long at a rate of up to 1.5 full cords per hour. This machine can easily be towed behind a pick-up truck and offers an optional integrated 15' firewood elevator for quick set-up and mobility.  The 1610EZ is the perfect firewood processor for the highly mobile contract firewood producer, or growing firewood business owner.  If you are in the business of renting equipment, this self contained firewood processor is for you.

Production Rating: 1.0 – 2.0 Full Cords per Hour (128 cubic feet per cord)
Engine: 25 hp Robins gas engine
Max Log Length: 12’
Max Log Diameter: 18”

The 1610EZ firewood processor features standard hydraulic joysticks for increased firewood production and operator ease.  With an integral 15' conveyor with 10' discharge height, stockpiling firewood is fast and easy.  With the 2 strand live deck, several logs can be set on the processors infeed deck and processed one at a time until the deck is empty.  This feature is hydraulically powered and maximizes production from the machine.  The log deck features a hydraulic cylinder that lives the deck in the air for moving the machine around your woodyard, or prepares the machine for road transport. 

The splitting wedges are quickly interchangeable and hydraulically adjustable so you can center each log round into equal splits if desired.  If small diameter log rounds are common, the operator can efficiently split multiple log rounds at the same time to increase production. 

For our European customers, we offer this firewood processor with a CE Mark kit featuring a road tow package complaint with local motorway regulations.


  • Production Rating: 1.0 – 1.5 Full Cords per Hour (128 cubic feet per cord)
  • Maximum Log Length 10’ / 12' with live deck model
  • Maximum Log Diameter 16” Minimum Log Diameter 3”
  • Minimum Log Diameter 3”


  • Engine Horsepower: 25 hp Subaru Robins Gas Engine (3 year warranty)
  • Hydraulically adjustable wedge
  • Operator joystick controls
  • Splitter Tonnage: 18 tons
  • Splitter Cycle Time: 6.0 seconds
  • Transport Length: 16'0' or 19'3' with integrated 13' conveyor system
  • Transport Width: 6’0”
  • Operating Width: 5’10”
  • Trailer Hitch Type: 2” Ball
  • Standard Hydraulic log lift / Hydraulic Live Infeed Deck
  • Hydraulic Saw Mechanism
  • Hydraulic Log Infeed

Processor Options:

  • Maximum production - hydraulic live deck system
  • 30' splitting chamber or 36' splitting chamber for boiler stove wood production
  • 6-way interchangeable wedge
  • 24 hp Honda Gas Engine (2 year warranty)
  • 28 hp Subaru Robin EFI engine (3 year warranty)
  • 25 hp Yanmar Diesel (2 year warranty)
  • 25 hp Kubota Diesel (2 year warranty)
  • 20’, 30’, or 35' conveyor
  • integrated folding conveyor system
  • Easy log winch kit
  • Night light processing kit

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