Model 1800, 2400 and 2400XL - Pulldozer and Pulldozer Transformer Land Shaper


Are you looking for a better way to groom your land, ditch, maybe grade, level or simply move dirt? If so, you might be thinking of 3 or 4 different options, from dozers to scrapers, graders to V ditchers.  You really only have to look at one: the Pulldozer by Bridgeview Manufacturing. The Pulldozer is all this and more wrapped up in one complete, efficient,  and virtually indestructible package.

    • Clean up and re-claim unproductive land and put it to work for you
    • Drag dirt to elevate potholes and level land – less wear and tear on machinery and lower fuel costs
    • Reclaim 1 acre of land per hour
    • Back-slope,  clean and contour existing ditches and drains to improve drainage – get on your land sooner.
    • Dig out roots and rocks
    • Remove, replace, level and grade
    • Backstop and contour ditches

RECLAIM UNPRODUCTIVE LAND – Put a dirt cap on willows, brush and cattails. The Pulldozer land shaper easily knocks down brush and he blade strips bark off of small trees to keep them from coming back.

SEED BED READY – Levels the ground as it fills and empties, and grades any kind of rough material in one pass leaving your field seed bed ready without additional time, operations or tillage. Super efficient at re-locating topsoil

EXCELLENT FLOTATION LETS YOU GET INTO WET AREAS SOONER – Get to the wet areas that need attention first and get them drained, with the Pulldozer land shaper you don’t have to wait!

JOB SITE READY – Does the work of a conventional scraper and much more!

INTEGRATED TRENCHER AVAILABLE (2410XL)  –  The XL series comes with a retractable trencher. Cuts trenches up to 36” wide and 24” deeper than blade. Dirt from trench is drawn along to be deposited in low areas. No windrow ridges to interfere with drainage. Work through trench on angle with most farm equipment. Easy to read depth gauge gives you feedback on trencher position at all times.

 READY TO SHIP WORLDWIDE – All Pulldozer land shapers are designed to be shipped by land or sea to anywhere in the world!

GOODYEAR MUCK MASTER® TIRES – Are self cleaning and give aggressive traction in the toughest muck.

SERRATED “GROWSER” BLADES – Cut through the hard pack, grind up stubble and leave rows of unpacked topsoil behind – all in one pass!

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