- Model 18 - Stations Bunching Machine


This machine can sort fully automatically by growth stage, which is unique in the market. On this machine is much more configurable. There can be sorted by length, stem thickness, maturity, button size, button width, curvature and color. The machine is available with 6-18 stations. In March 2011, Jamafa Machinery BV delivered her first new 18 stations bunching machine to Flevoland Flowers. The owner is very satisfied. He believes the quality of the bunches is very good, also the equality of the bunches is better. This machine does not need manual correction. This bunching machine is also suitable for roses which are grown outside.


The investment in this bunching machine is relatively low, because Jamafa based this machine on existing machines. We recycle the old machines completely. The machines get an overhaul period, there will be moremechanics and the machine is equipped with a new control. Thus, we keep the investment low for the grower.

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