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Model 1TH4 - Tobacco Stripper



Thanks to their easy design and original ideas, the tobacco stripper by De Cloet Ltd. are very easy to use machines. The constant choice of simplicity and quality helps tobacco farmers both in the mechanization and in reducing maintenance times. Moreover the last applied and patented innovations optimize harvester performances: an additional roller facilitates leaves entrance to the central vertical belt, while an electro-hydraulic proportional control synchronizes the harvester speed with the defoliator and motion of the knives. This ensures perfect harvesting and a safe stop of all moving parts when the machine is stationary with running engine.

During the process of harvesting our exclusive defoliators remove leaves from the plants with a 'soft touch' and without any damage. Leaves are then conveyed to a container or a trailer through a special belt. Even when wet, appropriate fans distribute them uniformly.

For harvesting the top-leaves specific cutter bars, exclusive to De Cloet Ltd., remove the leaves with an upward motion. Leaves are detached with a clean cut close to the stem without any damage to the plant or the leaves.

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