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Model 2 r. - Planter



The KONINGSPLANTER is available in various models.We can deliver our machines on different work widths and row distance's.The planting distances are easily adjustable by a sprocket gear or with the optional computer, controller.We can deliver a big number of models and options to have an optimal result under all  circumstances.

The main features and advantages of the KONINGSPLANTER are:

  • Electronic flow control eliminates labour (controller OPTION)
  • High capacity up to 700 potatoes per minute per row
  • No sprout damage - even at high speed
  • Precise and easily adjustable planting distance
  • Spring mounted shares and disc coulters - even planting
  • Suitable for all seed potatoes, even cutted potatoes self regulating planting distance
  • Easy adjustment to different sizes or planting distance - just change sprockets
  • Possible to plant any (large) number of potatoes per ha - even at a row distance of 30'
  • No drops - eliminates damage and tumbling in the row
  • Compact dimensions and low weight

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