- Model 2009L- 2009LT - 2009S - 2009ST - Cut to Lenght Loaders



Cut-to-length cranes are specifically designed to process cut timber, where demands on performance are high and no compromises are made. The product line ranges from 9 tonne-metres to 14 tonne-metres.Kesla cut-to-length loaders are perfect for many different operating conditions. Kesla customers can choose the accessories and additional equipment that best fit their needs from a wide range of equipment. The diversity of the selection available in cabins, booms, valves, grapples and stabilizers makes the cut-to-length KESLA crane an alternative that can be easily adapted to your specific needs.There are several carefully considered details that ensure that KESLA cranes are great performers that can take hard wear. The unique V-shaped bottom of the booms increases the rigidity of the structure and ensures the precise and backlashfree operations of the telescopic boom. The wide hydraulic lines ensure the fast movements of the crane and save  energy.

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