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Model 200L-10000L - Milk Cooling Tank


Tank made from high quality stainless steel (0Cr18Ni9). Introduction of advanced blowing expanding technology from Western countries. Large area of straight wall cooling. Controlled by fully automatic microcomputer control system, and easy observation of the operation in one step. The raw milk is rapidly reduced to the required cold temperature 4℃ and keep constant temperature for hours. Prevent milk from bacteria and maintain the original state of breast milk in A grade. Adoption of high-performance and energy-saving type fully enclosed refrigeration compressors Taikang from Europe and Cowpland from United States. Equipped with a reliable mid-point protection relays to prevent the motor from overloading and burnt out or system failure. Very thick insulation by means of non-polluting polyurethane foam. Service with commitment to quality and after-sales service.

Capacity: 200L-10000L
Material: SS 304

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