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Model 200U - Silos



Silo type BIN200, model NBIN200U. Please note that side silo inlet and loading pipe on side are optional equipment. Silos designed to mass storage of grain gives you oportunity to keep bulk in good conditions for a long time. All of silos you can connect in sets with full mechanization or even automatization. The capacity per unit starts from 200 tones and goes up to 2200 tones (for wheat) .The main use of this type of silos is on large farms, usually to be installed as sets of silos forming moden warehouses. BIN offers a wide range of devices that can be installed in a silo, to achieve complete mechanisation and to facilitate loading, unloading, ventilation, etc.

For each piece of equipment (device) described in the instruction manual, the noise level does not exceed 70 dB(A) – For all machinery described in the Instruction Manual, the noise level does not exceed 70 dB(A) – measurement method in accordance with PN–EN ISO 11201:1999, PN-N-01307:1994.

  • total capacity of the internal silo space (above the floor),
  • referred to the useful capacity, for wheat, density 750 kg/m3.


Dear Customer please note that remarks in the table means:
standard- standard equipment that is included in the silo price,
option-optionally equipment (option) is accessible for additional payment,
no – equipment that is not available, not accessible and not allowed to use by the manufacturer ( BIN Ltd.)

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