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Model 2014 - Snowblower

This snowblower really comes into it's own in the most difficult of conditions - we call it 'The Great Mountain King'!   Rugged and large snowblower, built for the largest tractors Oversized impeller provides excellent snow-throwing 1000rpm for less wear on the shafts Rear mounted, with the possibility of being trailed, front mounting is also possible. Quick-change configuration, between towing, reversing or front mounting. Central gearbox - less power loss and more reliable Generously dimensioned auger, ensures that the impeller is constantly full. Cutout-clutches - no more changing shear bolts

What do customers say?
Insane throwing! >
'In my opinion DALEN is the best, I think it is as simple as that! I have a 2014, which is irreplaceable. So my tip is to buy a DALEN.', copied from a web forum page
'I'm very pleased with the 2014, it has an awesome capasity', copied from a web forum page


Why DALEN snowblower?
The snowblowers from DALEN have a good market reputation for several reasons. They handle the difficult 'zero-snow' well, they are produced in Norway and over an exceptionally long lifespan - good value for the money. You are guaranteed exceptionally good functionality, low maintenance time/cost, and the standard Dalen approach of delivery spare parts longer than the 10 mandated years. The Dalen snowblowers maintain exceptionally good value, and are very popular on the used market - they are quicly resold. We believe this is an important factor in deciding which machine to buy.
There are many good experiences from clients, and we would be happy to share some with you!
Full control
Sometimes size does matter! For big jobs, you need a powerhouse on your team! For this we suggest the 2014 Snowblower. Clearing snowy areas is no chore at all!

This snowblower really comes into it's own when working in the most difficult conditions! Such as snow-clogged roads and big snow drifts. The side walls of the 2014 can be easily removed, with just a few bolts, transforming this versatile snowblower - into 'The Great Mountain King!' When the side walls have been removed, you have additional control over the blower and the tractor - in either the rear or front-mount configuration. In difficult conditions, reliability is even more important. Not only because the last thing you want is problems, but also because when clients are waiting - you have no time to waste!

Cutout-clutches - no more shear bolts

The snowblowers are mounted with cutout-clutches instead of shear bolts on the augers. These automatically disengage when needed, and re-engage when the rpm is lowered. No need to change shear bolts! The clutches are well tested the last seasons, and the feedback has been very positive. This will be a time saver and make the snow removal job more comfortable!

Centrally located gearshift
A specially developed gearbox, located centrally located in the blower housing, transmits the power directly to the auger and impeller. In this way you avoid the power loss encountered on many two-stage snowblowers. You get the most power from your tractor, safely and reliable. This design also features fewer moving parts = increased reliability and longer life. The drive and bearing are enclosed in a cast housing, and are not exposed to dirt and grime.

DALEN's large and open auger
2014 is equipped with DALEN's big and open auger. This design provides an exceptionaly effective flow of snow for the full height of the impellor. The auger diameter is less than 95cm, minimizing obstructions in the flow of snow. The open construction pulls the blower into the snow - no box sides to offer resistance. Having a box structure can offer serious challanges in wet/heavy snow, and on slippery surfaces. The auger is constructed from replaceable sections, which can be replaced easily and affordably in the event of damage.
Side panels and upper wing cutting edges
The open side walls makes the 2014 easy to control in all conditions, even when mounted on the front and when reversing. The snowblower can be delivered with side panels. These pannels cover the open sides, and add a total of 18cm to the working width. In addition the 2014 can be delivered with upper wing cutting edges. They are mounted on top of the blower housing.  These extensions not only cut the edge on the snow banks, but also enable the blower to clear more snow.
Rounded chute

All Dalen snow blowers are supplied with a rounded chute that compresses the stream of snow leaving the blower. This provides for increased throwing distance. Precise adjustments of the chute, give greater control of snow flow, and allow more pricise placement of snow discharge. The form of the chute ensures that a smotth flow of snow passes through the chute, without slowing down on the way through.


The chute design makes it easy to throw the snow high and far distance. In urban areas you can precisely control the discharge to avoid houses, parked cars, and other obstacles.


The collapsable chute provides easy access for impeller maintenance, or in event of the blockage, allows for access to clean-out the impeller. This is a highly prized feature, as it enebles maintenance to be done rapidly, allowing for a quick return to a warm tractor cab.


The chute swivel does not feature a chain drive. It is gear driven, and is extremely reliable under varying temperatures. It has a swivel motor, and mechanically adjustable flap. A hydraulically adjustable flap is optional.


Loading chute
All Dalen snowblower chutes can be converted into loading chutes. The loading chutes come into their own on narrow city streets, roundabouts, intersections and alleys. It is ideal for loading trucks, and throwing snow over high snowbanks.

The louding chute consists of one or two sections, that can be installed between the impeller and the spout. The height is adjusted by choosing the number of sections. Maximum loading height with one section is approximately 345cm, and with two sections 395cm. The bottom section features a trap for removing a snow blockage.

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