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Model 2050 - Self Propelled Harvesters



Height of only 1190 mm for easy operation in small spaces without damaging the branches. Very tight turning radius permitting to turn around the tree in half the space needed by a machine with front steering and trailer.


From his damped seat, the operator has got maximum comfort and perfect visual control of all the operating zone.

Multi- functions joystick with patented “Automatic End of Line” function, which permits to lift pick up and brushes, stop the rotation of the rotor and the brushes, and re-start the harvesting on another row, everything just pressing one button.

Patent pending Pick-up System with front rotor.

NO FANS! The system is compact, multiphase, and completely mechanical.

  • Cleaning is more efficient and accurate
  • Less power required, and as a result, lower fuel consumption
  • Less dust
  • Compactness
  • Minimal maintenance: only end of season.

The pick up follows faithfully the irregularities and the unevenness of the ground, so that fruits get trapped between the front roller and the pick up and they can’t elude the collection.

The 2050 harvester has been specially designed to manoeuvre very easily around trees in small spaces and low plantations.

  • 4 WD with hydraulic, high torque motor, and “Twin Pump” system providing safe and reliable speed on uneven, dry, soft or wet terrain, and lateral stability on slopes.
  • Large section and low pressure tires forminimum impact on the soil, even inconditions of very high levels of humidity.
  • The M-FRAME chassis, in mono block high resistance steel, guarantees the machine on the most demanding terrain..
  • Two front lateral brushes with parallelogram are speed adjustable from the driver’s seat.
  • “Green” 3 cylinders Yanmar engine, 40 HP/30KW, with super silenced exhaust box under the cover, which opens laterally.
  • Radiator with double screen foreasier cleaning.
  • Fuel tank: 25 l.
  • Hydraulic oil tank 83 l.

Following the soil
The wheels and the roller with the brushes of the pick up rotate on the same axis: during the harvesting, the pick up follows faithfully the irregularities and the unevenness of the ground.

Integrated hopper 
Holding of 0.75 cubic metres. It can be lifted up to 2.50 m, which permits direct discharge of the fruit into any standard trailer.
Hopper filling sensor as an optional.

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