Eaton Corporation

Model 210+ - Electronic Trip Units


The Series C F-Frame molded-case circuit breaker is equipped with the 210+ electronic trip unit and features LSI and LI protection settings. The F-Frame breaker is NEMA, UL and CSA listed.

  • Three frames cover ampere range from 40A to 225A, reducing stock requirements and providing more flexibility than thermal magnetic breakers
  • Each trip unit includes seven ampere ratings and 10 protection profiles
  • Two protection types, LI and LSI, offer options for adjustability and coordination of systems
  • Two simple rotary dials adjust the settings for amperage and protection levels
  • Status indication LED notifies the user of operational status
  • In addition to using the same internal accessories as the standard F-Frame, the FDE with 210+ offers various handle locks, plug-in adapters and handle mechanisms

  • Two electronic protection offerings to meet various application needs (trip unit suffix)
    • LI (21)
    • LSI (22)
  • Three frame sizes with multiple ratings each
    • 100A: 40A – 100A (LI and LSI)
    • 150A: 70A – 150A (LI only)
    • 225A: 100A – 225A (LI and LSI)
  • PM3 Connectivity
    • INCOM Communications
    • MODBUS Communications
  • Portable Test Kit (Cat # MTST230V)

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