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Model 220 and 440 - Agricultural Belt and Bucket Elevators



We have a wide range of belt & bucket elevators available, whether you are looking for seed elevators, budget elevators, high capacity elevators we are sure to have an elevator to suit your needs.

Capacities of our agricultural belt & bucket elevators range from 11tph to 150tph based on 1.4 cubic metres per tonne and all models of our elevators are available in both single and double lift, and each one can be easily converted to be made suitable for seed handling. All of our elevators are manufactured in durable galvanised steel to increase life span, and each elevator model has a wide range of optional extras available, ensuring you get the elevator best suited to your requirements. As standard our elevators are fitted with slatted pullys to help reduce the build up of material on the pulleys and we use a low stretch rubber EP belt, with Nitrile belts available at a small extra cost. We offer Vee belt drives to shaft mounted gearboxes as standard, with an option of 90° gear unit drives also available. Our gearboxes arrive to you pre-filled with lubricant to enable a quick and easy installation. 

Model 220 and 440 elevator

This elevator is specifically designed to offered a high specification single and double lift elevator at a very attractive price.

  • It has a capacity range from 15tph to 80tph.
  • Entire head shaft assembly is removable with gearbox and bearing attached without disassembly—a major advantage when maintaining old elevators.
  • Head & boot shell 3mm thick
  • Heavy duty welded construction hot dip galvanised head cap
  • Range of speeds to provide centrifugal, slow centrifugal and gravity discharge.
  • Master cup belt tensioner mounted on the cup belt for easy joining & tensioning.
  • Can be made suitable for seed handling.
  • Maximum standard height of 30m.

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