Model 220V - Shunt Transformer


Yamastik power supply replaces the olive harvesting rod generator for the generation of low 14VDC -18VDC or 14VDC - 27VDC voltage needed by an olive harvesting rod and is used in cases where there is 220VAC network or generator power available. It is equipped with two low voltage outlets with independent circuit breakers and RPM regulation switch for each outlet. Its ergonomic design, high quality materials and very low weight render it a smart, reliable and cost-saving solution for cases where ease of transportation and flexibility are dominant concerns.

  • Manufacturer: YAMASTIK
  • Power supply type: 220VAC transformer
  • Low voltage outlet: Dual independent
  • Output voltage: 14VDC -18VDC or 14VDC - 27VDC
  • RPM regulation switch: Three selections for each output
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 30cm x 20cm
  • Weight: 14,00kg

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