Marangon SRL

Model 240 and 240 RCG - Side Mower



Side mower coupled with the tractor with three-point connection, second category. The primary transmission is made by a multiplier in an oil bath placed under the attack of the rudder. The cutting height adjustment is accomplished with the third point of the tractor. The cutting unit consists of a central swing suspension with a dual shock spring that allows a constant adjustment of the weight on the ground and allows to the drums to follow the soil profile for a clean cut. With the non-stop security system you can continue to cut also in case of impact without having to stop the tractor as the system allows the mower to move back and standing up to automatically hang up once past the obstacle. The mower is designed to be transported back to the tractor and horizontal to the ground with vertical folding (the latter on request) using an hydraulic jack. In both cases, the mower is in the shape of the tractor.


Double spring shock absorbers allow setting the best weight for the mower to mantain even pressure on the ground, always living a clean cut without damaging the grassy surface.


The machines are all fitted with the “Non-Stop” safety release, which means you can continue to cut without stopping the machine and with no need to go backwards if an obstacle is found. It is automatically rearmed, without assistance from the operator or the hydraulic system.


Standard transport the machine swing to rear.  Optional transport the machine rises vertical. The single acting cylinder I used to raise the mower for transport. It has an automatic lock that can be released with a rope from the tractor.

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