Grain Handler

Model 2410 - Fan Under Continuous Mixed Flow Dryers


Grain Handler has produced the only single phase drying system in the industry with up to 5000 bph drying capacity. Lower energy costs and higher retention time in the dryer results in a higher quality and test weight grain. Mixed Flow design is capable of drying all types of grains at equal rates. Larger holding capacity allows grains to be tempered or heated over a longer period of time, resulting in less stress cracks. 40-45 cfm of air per bushel compared to 80-100 cfm of air per bushel on cross flow screen dryers, resulting in less fuel consumption. Food grade quality drying of any grain commodity. 400-7400 bph drying capacity.

  • All models are engineered to be easily expanded.
  • All models are designed with an enclosed top, which eliminates moisture problems associated with rain and snow exposure.
  • Fuel source options available: Natural Gas, LP, LNG, and Butane
  • Low maintenance, no screens to clean.
  • 5 year limited warranty on all models.


Maxon burner and internal vaporizer are included on all models. All models include a double block and bleed gas train that is designed to operate under low gas pressure with maximum safety in mind.

  1. Service Catwalk
  2. Upper Service Platform
  3. Ladder and Safety Cage
  4. Heavy Construction for Future Expansion
  5. Preheat Garner
  6. Enclosed Roof
  7. Takeaway Drag Conveyors
  8. Full 6 foot Burner Service Door (both sides)
  9. Burner Service Platforms (both sides)
  10. Stairways to Burner Service Platforms
  11. Advanced Single Gas Train
  12. Corner “Half Ducts” for Even Air Flow
  13. Tub Clean Out Door Handles for Easy Year-end Clean-out
  14. Low Speed, Forward Curve Centrifugal Fans for Quiet Operation

Leveling Fill Types: Level Drag and Scalper Drag Conveyor available in all models, Leveling Auger available in 8' thru 24' models.
Scalper drag option: wire mesh floor for filtering unwanted debris.

Gravity “A” Fill: Available in 8' thru 32' models. No motor higher than 7 feet off the ground.


Cross Drag Conveyor The cross drag conveyor will collect both grain columns and bring them to a single discharge point. 10 foot standard lengths, or custom lengths available.

2-1 Y-Discharge
The 2-1 Y-discharge will collect both grain columns and bring them to a center point perfect for an air system or a bucket elevator boot.

A state of the art variable frequency drive now controls all 4 metering rolls and the unload drag conveyors. This keeps the drag conveyors running at the speeds required to remove the grain being metered out by the dryer, which in turn maintains the highest level of grain quality, synonymous with the Grain Handler name.

Advanced single control panel for automated control of the motors, burner, and grain-flow throughout your entire system.

  • Fully adaptable to after-market moisture controllers.
  • Equipped with all necessary safety features.

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