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Model 25 Ton - Lowboy Trailer

Our lowboy trailers are top of the line 25 and 35 ton carrying capacity lowboy trailers. Trailer components, custom trailer construction and finish put us above all lowboy trailers manufacturers. Our 25 ton lowboy trailers have 50,000 pound trailer platform capacity and the 35 ton lowboy trailers have 70,000 pound trailer platform capacity. Other lowboy trailers have a gross vehicle weight rating, meaning if you have a 50,000 pound lowboy trailer, you must subtract the weight of the lowboy trailer. If our competitor's lowboy trailers weigh 10,000 pounds, the net payload on the trailer cannot exceed 40,000 pounds. However our lowboy trailers have a net platform carrying capacity of the full 50,000 pounds.

25 Ton Lowboy Standard Trailer Options

  • Various Lengths and Widths
  • Full Width Upper Deck
  • Double Drop Design
  • Various Suspensions
  • Additional Lashing Rings
  • 2-Speed Landing Gear
  • Outriggers
  • Rub Rail and Stake Pockets
  • Motor Grader Ramps
  • Closed Rear Wheels
  • Additional 'D' Rings

25 Ton Lowboy Electrical System

  • Vapor Proof Wiring System
  • Vibration Proof Lighting
  • Wiring to DOT Specifications
  • Standard 7-way Connector


  • 10' Channel Outer Rails
  • 14' Wide Flange Main Beams
  • Load Bearing Bolster Between Trailer Axles
  • 36' - 60' Beavertail with Traction Bars and 5' Ramps
  • Hardwood Floor
  • Tool Tray in Gooseneck Area
  • 3 Heavy Duty 'D' Rings Per Side

Running Gear

  • 22,500 Pound Axles with 12-1/4' x 7-1/2' Air Brakes
  • Single Point Spring Suspension
  • 215/75R 17.5 Tires
  • 6.75 x 17.5 Rims
  • 10 Hole Hubs
  • Automatic Slack Adjusters

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