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Model 250 - Go-Bagger


Compact and highly portable, yet rugged and versatile, the Go-Bagger 250 offers the ultimate in bagging convenience—the ability to bag bulk commodities virtually anywhere you can drive a pickup truck. This unique bagging system is completely self-contained and sets up in just minutes. With the Go-Bagger 250, getting your bulk goods in front of your customers in bagged form is easy and affordable.

Simple to operate and maintain, the Go-Bagger reliably fills up to 240 bags per hour with landscape mulch, compost, or practically any bulk material you might want to offer in bags. With some materials, the Go-Bagger will fill over 500 bags an hour.

Go-Baggers are used across a broad range of industries to add value to bulk commodities that include:

  • Landscape mulch
  • Compost
  • Briquettes and pellets
  • Soil
  • Aggregate
  • Charcoal
  • Soil amendments
  • Sand
  • Animal bedding & feed
  • Ground rubber
  • Crop & garden seeds
  • Ag residue
  • Flower bulbs
  • Peat moss

The Go-Bagger is also excellent for filling flood retention bags with sand. Unlike other sand bagging equipment, the Go-Bagger can be quickly transported and set up right where sand bags are needed.

The Go-Bagger is easy to feed with a standard skid steer loader and can be operated by just one person. Some applications may involve up to five people to take full advantage of the Go-Bagger’s production potential. The bag filling jaws and sealer are integrated into a centralized electronic control system and operated with simple foot pedal controls. An intuitive control interface allows operators to choose between filling by volume or by weight. All settings can be quickly adjusted to guarantee evenly filled, properly sealed bags.

This dependable on-site bagging system comes packed with features that maximize versatility and uptime. An on-board 20 HP diesel engine provides all necessary power via a generator and hydraulic pump, using only a few gallons of fuel over a full workday.

A variable speed in-hopper conveyor carries material to the bagging chute at a controlled rate. A full-length hopper agitator breaks apart compacted materials and prevents hopper bridging, ensuring a steady flow to the bagging chute, even with dense compost or soil. The ability to break apart compacted material allows the Go-Bagger to consistently produce evenly filled bags. For sensitive materials, the agitator can be quickly removed. Each Go-Bagger comes equipped with two sets of ruggedly constructed bagging jaws to suit different bag sizes.

The Go-bagger 250 is designed for optimal efficiency and minimal operator fatigue. Bags rest on a roller bed that allows quick height adjustments to match bag length, minimizing operator stress when moving bags from the filling jaws to the sealer.

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