Model 2590 Track - Self-Propelled 22` Drum-Style Whole Tree Chippers



Bandit’s most popular whole tree chipper is the Model 2590. Add a CAT® 320L steel-track undercarriage (or optional CAT 325EL undercarriage with 700mm wide pads) and this highly capable chipper becomes an all-terrain powerhouse, used the world over by logging and forestry professionals involved in land clearing, high-volume forest thinning operations, forest management and more. The Model 2590 Track has a large 26.25-inch by 30-inch chipper throat opening so it easily handles large whole trees, tops, logging slash, and chunk wood. Engines from 525 to 765 horsepower give this impressive machine class-leading levels of performance and production, while using less fuel than the competition. Combined with powerful dual feed wheels in Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System, there isn’t much the Model 2590 Track can’t handle.

The heart of the Model 2590 Track is its 37-inch diameter chipping drum. Built with thick skins and extensive internal baffling, Bandit drums are legendary for their durability and longevity, as well as for producing high-quality, dimensional chips ideally suited for fuel wood markets. Bandit chippers are also known for their incredible chip throwing power, thanks to proprietary designs for the drum and drum housing, transition and discharge chute. That’s why the Model 2590 Track can aggressively fill chip trailers and broadcast chips across a wide area—all without the need for add-on chip accelerators.

Items such as reversing auto-feed, radio remote control and a large-capacity fixed discharge are standard. Numerous convenience options are available, including built-in knuckle boom loaders, machine-mounted operator’s cabs, proportional feed systems, dedicated microchipping packages, and much more. As with all Bandit chippers, the Model 2590 Track is designed and equipped with operator safety in mind and includes numerous standard items such as guards, disable plugs, drum locks and other patented and patent-pending devices. And when it comes to maintenance, major components are designed to be easily accessible for regular servicing, saving both time and money.

All Bandit whole tree chippers are backed by an available 5-year GUTS warranty, covering the disc/drum, feed system and related components. This industry-leading warranty is offered because all Bandit equipment is manufactured by specialized teams, utilizing the highest quality components and assembled with solid welded construction. That’s why it is no surprise to see a properly maintained Bandit whole tree chipper working front-line service for over 10 years and 10,000 hours—in all environments and working conditions—all around the world.

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