Model 2600 Gallon - Field Boss Pull Type Sprayer



Heavy duty frame that will withstand the twists and turns on hills, terraces and washouts. A parking jack and side mounted tank ladder. 2600 Gallon tank with molded in gallonage markings. Multi hydraulic valve bank allows for seven function boom system but only requires one tractor outlet. Total boom suspension. Dual parallel lift arms for boom height control 20' to 60'. Twin Cross axle for better load balance, Cross pivoting dual wheels - 320/85R34 makes for a smooth ride over the roughest ground and enhancing a more uniform application. Dual pumping system reduces foaming problems and aids in a complete tank drainage. Raven automatic spray controller. Motorized boom valves allow easy on/off of each boom section when you start, work over terraces, point rows or finish a field. The Field Boss is built to withstand the rigorous use of today's no-till farming.

  • Performance
  • Reduced down time
  • Reduced labor cost
  • State of the art 90', self-leveling boom
  • Five section, triple nozzle boom
  • Radial tires and duals for compaction control
  • Excellent return on investment


  • One fill per quarter (Cover 150 acres in 1 1/2 hours)
  • High Yield - up to 100 acres per hour
  • High Speed: 7-14mph
  • Low equipment cost per acre


  • Chemical Inductor
  • Foam Marker
  • Light Bar
  • Auto Steer
  • Size 60' 80' 90' Booms

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