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Model 275ST, 375ST, 500ST12TC - Bulk Speed Tender



At J&M, we’ve listened to what you said you wanted in a self-filling seed tender, built it to meet your demands, and ended up with the best tender on the market.

Lower Overall Height

A lower tank height means a lower center of gravity, greater stability during transport, and easier self-filling.

Heavier Rated Ball Hitch Connector

Larger Tank Opening

The tank is designed to accomodate front to rear conveyor swings without sacrificing the corners of the tank, giving you a much larger target when self-filling and much easier to fill the corners!

Front and Rear Bumper Guards

Wide, Easy Access Clean Out Door

A-Frame or Gooseneck Design

Standard A-Frame or optional gooseneck design to fit your towing preference.

Easy Glide Axle System with Electric Brakes on All Axles

The triple-axle undercarriage is designed with an Easy-Glide Axle System that makes it easier to turn and maneuver. Electric brakes on ALL axles provides extra breaking power and performance during high speed transports.

Greater Reach and Height - 14’-8” to 15’-0” Maximum Height

The standard 21’ long conveyor is light weight and can be manually locked in position every two inches. The conveyor has a full 180 degree range of motion and is equipped with a 11’ telescoping downspout for a wide reaching span. The longer conveyor length allows the tender to extend higher for hard to reach CCS tanks and bins.

Scale System Weighs Seed From Tank, Not Conveyor

The conveyor is mounted to the trailer, not the tank... thereby allowing the scale system to weigh the contents as it leaves the tank and not the conveyor spout. This allows the operator to close the tank door when the target weight is reached and finish with an empty conveyor every time. Other systems that feature the conveyor connected to the tank weigh the seed as it leaves the conveyor and is problematic, since the conveyor is still full of seed, requiring manual cleanout.

Engine Accessibility

Competitor models that place the engine under the tank make it difficult to operate and almost impossible to service. Having the engine in the front is preferred for servicing and refueling.

Dual Inspection Windows

Increased visibility when self-filling.

Tool-Less Spout Removal

Threaded crank design makes it easy to add or remove spout without tools.

Rear Seed Skid Storage Area with Retractable Ratchet Straps (500ST12TC only)

Hydraulic Tip Spout (500ST12TC only)

Pivotable spout helps completely fill each compartment without shoveling.

Optional Fifth Wheel Adapter for Gooseneck

7,000 lb Torsion-Flex Axles with Electric Brakes (275ST & 375ST only)

Heavy-Duty 10,000 lb Torsion-Flex Axles with Electric Brakes (500ST12TC only)

Optional Truck or Trailer Mount

Includes chassis base frame to mount conveyor and scale components to your truck or trailer.


Choice of Red, Green, Blue or Tan urethane paint for high quality protection and finish.

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