The 2D-Shuttle is the most advanced shuttle that Logiqs has ever made. The 2D-Shuttle is not only a pipe-rail vehicle for moving rol-containers. It is a whole new way of thinking in greenhouse automation.

Because any location in the growing area is within the 2D-Shuttles reach, and because of it's excellent operation speed, we belive it will soon become the industry standard for automation of rol-container greenhouses. The 2D-Shuttle is a semi-autonomous vehicle, powered by rechargeable batteries, that rides beneath the rol-containers on the heating pipes.3

It's operation is controlled wireless by our advanced control and registration software package: Dat-A-Control.

Because the 2D-Shuttle can move between the growing lanes on its own, it's possible to fully automate large growing surfaces with a small number of 2D-Shuttles, and therefore with a lower automation cost that traditional systems.

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