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Dust and dirt entering the air scrubber pose a problem for pig and poultry farming. Too much dust reduces the scrubber performance, the ventilation power decreases and operation and maintenance cost increase. 2H AGRIdek dedust packings considerably reduce the pollution. Placed between the stable building and the air scrubber, they separate dust, skin particles and feathers from the stable exhaust air. The packings are made of UV-resistant polypropylene material which ensures a long service life. Their high mechanical stability is due to specially arranged foils. Oust and dirt that may settle in the continuous channels is easily and quickly removed by using a high pressure cleaner, thus saving on maintenance efforts and cost.

Advantages of our 2H AGRIdek dedust packings

  • High separation performance
  • Lowest pressure drop
  • Separation performance adjusted to dust load by use of different channel width
  • Easy and economic mounting
  • Quick and competitive maintenance

The dust separator packings are preferably used in cross-flow applications; however, they may as well be mounted into counter flow scrubbers.

  • Maximum tolerances: On all dimensions +/- 20 mm or 2 % whichever is the greater. Other tolerances and dimensions by prior agreement.
  • PP-material: Impact-resistant, environmentally friendly

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