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- Plastic Components for Evaporative Coolers



Evaporative cooling presents a proven procedure to cool chicken, hog or green houses, especially in warm regions of the world. For this purpose, 2H HUMIPACKING® fills are mounted into the walls of stables and green houses and are irrigated. An air flow generated by fans is lead through the fills and is at the same time humidified and cooled. The use of polypropylene together with the special geometry creates rugged elements that are imperishable, UV-resistant and almost impervious to light. When serviced appropriately, they offer a constant cooling capacity throughout their lifetime. 2H HUMIPACKING® elements are used as well in our AGRIdek climate system.

Features of our 2H HUMIPACKING® fills

  • Excellent cooling capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Long service life
  • High light resistance
  • Low pressure loss
  • UV-resistant
  • High efficiency
  • Easy installation

2H HUMIPACKING fills are used to cool animal sheds and green houses. They feature excellent cooling performances at low pressure loss. Their material - a polypropylene compound - makes them very rugged and long-lasting. As they are easy to clean, they do not have to be exchanged regularly, which is a big advantage compared to other products on the market.

Maximum tolerances: On ail dimensions +/- 20 mm or 2 % whichever is the greater. Other tolerances and dimensions by
prior agreement.
PP-materlal: Impact-resistant, environmentally friendly

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