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Model 2M (SM) - Horse Riding Arena Conditioner



The Fleming Horse riding Arena Conditioner will loosen and level the most crusted horse paddocks and riding arenas in one pass to leave a firm level surface with an even depth.

The Arena conditioner is fitted on to the three point linkage and drawn on pneumatic wheels with the depth of the arena harrow set by the top link of the tractor.

At 2m wide the Fleming Sandman is a quick and easy way to level your equestrian riding arena, controlling the depth and firmness of the paddock. Ideal for most arena levelling - Sand, Rubber, Mixed mediums etc.

  • Perfect for Leveling sand Horse Menages
  • Can be trailed by small tractors or quads (with drawbar attachment)
  • Light and compact machine
  • Spring steel tines have their own independent depth control to prevent damage to the underlying membrane.

  • Three point linkage
  • Spring steel tines
  • Cat 1 lift pin
  • Optional draw bar for quad attachment
  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • Independent depth control
  • Rear Levelling bar
  • Reversible points for added life
  • Long life / low maintenance
  • New five stage painting and heat treatment process

  • Width : 2120mm
  • Length : 1070mm
  • Height : 840
  • Tines : 12
  • Weight : 145
  • Wheel Size : 13 x 6.5 x 6
  • Maximum HP : 35-40

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