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Model 3 Point Hitch - Poly Fertilizer Spreader



The Cosmo P400 Fertilizer Spreader has a Poly Hopper and PTO shaft and attaches via a three point hitch. The agitator is not required to use the poly hopper. The poly hopper on these fertilizer spreaders is interchangeable with the steel hoppers on the steel spreaders. The development of a distributing system with lateral exits of the fertilizer from the hopper ensures a better spreading at greater distance, obtaining a homogenous quantity on each vane. See more details below.

This fertilizer spreader features an opening system with splitted levers that allows you to scatter on the right or on the left side only. With these tractor attachments, you will have the control of distribution close to borders or near some cultures that do not require this treatment. The poly fertilizer spreader has adjustable spreading widths, and is lime capable. You can use either pellet or granular lime. This steel spreader weighs 140 pounds when empty and has a capacity of 844 pounds. The absorbed power at 540 RPM is 6 HP. The transmission ratio is 1:1. The spreading width for granular fertilizer is 39 to 46 feet, and crystalline is 20 to 23 feet. Fertilizer will spread farther than seeds. These tractor attachments attach via a three point hitch.

  • Interchangeable with steel hoppers on spreaders: #34140, #12244 or #12248
  • Spreading width 39 - 46 ft.
  • PTO shaft included
  • Agitator not required for poly hopper
  • These fertilizer spreaders come with a clevis type hitch to pull drag behind spreader
  • Lower agitator only
  • Attaches via a three point hitch
  • Gearbox is stamped steel

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