3-Point PTO Driven Mist Sprayers


A1  Mist Sprayer's high and low volume mist sprayers create smaller mist size particles for more uniform coverage... Over, Under and Around plant foliage, livestock and fixed objects. A1  Mist Sprayer's high and low volume mist sprayers create smaller mist size particles in a 0 to 160+ foot air stream that stays low to the ground for the best control and uniform coverage; Over, Under and Around plant foliage.

Pastures, Rangeland, Fence Rows, Road Sides, Ditches, Right Of Way & Margin Areas... Insect Control- Mosquitoes(West Nile Virus), Spray Livestock, Livestock Confinement- Dairy Barns, Dry Lots, Feedlots, Poultry... Fruits, Vegetables, Truck Produce, Vineyards, Orchards, Groves, Golf Courses, Nurseries/Greenhouses, Windbreaks, Nut Trees, Tree Farms & Crops.

Standard Equipment:

  • Heavy Duty 3-point frame with stump jumper design, powder coat painted and pre-punched fork lift compatible frame
  • Category I or II hitch pin compatible
  • PTO Shaft (540 RPM - 35 hp gasoline or 20 hp diesel engine minimum required)
  • 60 gallon poly tank (40 or 100 gallon optional)
  • 6-roller pump,  Complete plumbing accessories, with line strainer, by-pass agitation (hydro-jet optional), pressure regulator and glycerin filled pressure gauge (98% more accurate than air filled)
  • Electric liquid flow on/off solenoid valve, switch and wiring harness
  • Class III Fans With Safety Rings (Extends Fan Life 3-5 Years) With Cannon Volute®
  • 2 inch x 8 inch hydraulic cylinder for 210 degree fan/volute rotation (Hydraulic hoses not included)


  • 60-gallon 49 inches L x 35 inches W x 57.5 inches H, Frame Width 32 inches
  • 100-gallon 49 inches L x 39 inches W x 61 inches H, Frame Width 32 inches

The A1 Titan-X High Performance 3-Point Mist Blower

The Titan-X (pictured below) has all of the features of the Terminator Mist Sprayer with a 100 Gallon tank, plus heavier drive belts, pulleys and bearings. It features a larger fan for increased air volume to extend the spray coverage to 160+ feet horizontally and 100-120 feet high.

General Use: Cranberries, Fruit Trees, Pecan, Filbert, Forestry, Produce/Vegetables, Pasture, Roadsides & Row Crops

Built with a longer lasting 4-nozzle polyurethane construction that will not rust or dent, creates a better spraying pattern, provides greater atomization, enhances the distance that spray droplets are able to cover, and creates more CFM's of air than a horizontal volute. This volute has a lifetime warranty!

General Use: Insect Control- Spray Livestock, Mosquitoes (West Nile Virus), Weed Control, Spray Produce/Vegetables, Vineyards, Golf Courses, Greenhouses,  Fruit Trees, Nut Trees & Tree Farms.

Fits AG-AIR Mist Sprayers, Automatic Mist Sprayers, Electrospray Mist Sprayers, GForce Mist Sprayers, Spray Innovations Mist Sprayers and most other mist sprayers.

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