- Model 30 Series - precision seeding


The Seed Hawk 30 Series brings precision seeding to farming operations of all sizes. Regardless of the size of your operation or the diversity of your crops, the new 30 Series offers the same legendary seed and fertilizer placement as large-scale Seed Hawk drills, but in a compact combinaton tank and toolbar.

The 30 Series comes in a 10' or 12' row spacing with a 111-bushel onboard tank (split into 55 and 56 bushel tanks). The tank delivers seed and fertilizer to the opener and the floating drawbar (19' 8' or 26' 3' frame) provides accurate depth control. The 30 Series has low horsepower requirements and the 20' model can be pulled with a tractor as small as 120 HP.

The metering system features the renowned Fenix II from Väderstad. The system uses a fluted roller inside an adjustable barrel for precise, reliable distribution of seed and fertilizer. Its durable plastic and stainless steel construction prevents corrosion, and the roller can be changed easily to accommodate seeds of different sizes.

The 30 Series is a hit in Europe and is now being made by Seed Hawk in Canada.

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