Model 300 Series - Mulchers



These little monsters bring the brush torturing performance of Brush Fire to smaller carriers. Designed to make the most of lower hp and flow, the 300 series have what it takes to get the job done. The cutting system was redesigned to focus on the needs of smaller carriers. Like all Brush Fires the 300 series have rows and rows of teeth laid out in a staggered spiral.

Green Teeth

The concave shaped carbide tip provides aggressive brush mulching action by chipping the brush bit by bit. Part of the secret of their performance is always having a sharp edge to make mulching easier. Sharper edges result in more aggressive cutting on low flow. These round carbide tipped teeth are like having 3 teeth in one. Just loosen the lock nut, turn the tooth, tighten and tear back into the brush. It takes only seconds to sharpen the tooth this way and the tooth can be rotated up to three times to provide renewed cutting performance. This gives you 3 times the wear, letting you tear into brush 3 times longer.

The tool holders are left or right positional and are designed to work in pairs. Being bolt on replaceable in case of damage makes servicing quick and easy without special tools and can even be done in the field.

Integrated Brush Bar

When push comes to shove the integrated brush bar helps control the brush and bend taller brush for easier mulching.
300 Series Integrated Skid Shoes

Integrated Skid Shoes

These durable skid shoes help the Brush Fire to better float over the ground for optimal mulching action.

Mounting Options (Excavator)

Weld any existing mount to the BAUMALIGHT flat plate, providing countless options, value and economy. Contact your nearest authorized BAUMALIGHT dealer for specific information about all other mounting systems specific to your machine.

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